Monday, 27 March 2017

Call for an Alliance

27th March

Ekabali Ghosh, student, Jadavpur University wrote to me about the sexual harassment case she was fighting at her university. An idea popped up and i invited women.Put up a Facebook status saying this:

Friends I have an idea. We need an alliance. Jadavpur University, I remember reading about the sexual harassment incidents there. I had even spoken at a seminar. Talked long about the need for a proper ICC-SH and how that is the first step towards justice. Don't know how many of you remember me. Anyway, let us form this alliance. Our cause is the same. Sexual harassment. Our enemy is the same. Powerful administration, sexist environment, hostile students. JU people in my list, tag people who can be part of this group. I shall do so with SRFTI. Now be prepared to receive personal messages advising you about my character, how most sexual harassment cases are untrue and all that. Also I am not in Kolkata and am operating from Bombay while working here. So like being a student and fighting like most of you, I have time issues. But I thought for long and I have come to the conclusion that this is the best way. I'll introduce myself in first comment. Love.

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