Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Director Debamitra Mitra Harasses Mother of Rape Complainant

22nd March 2017

Director of SRFTI, Debamitra Mitra. Picture Courtesy:

I don't know if you'll believe me when I say this. But this happened. Amala Akkineni, the acting chairperson of SRFTI (a film school known for its alarming number of sexual harassment cases more than cinema) had asked me to walk into Director Debamitra Mitra's room and ask her anything I wanted to know. She had ensured that sexual harassment complainants like me will be given justice. Let me give you a sample of the justice I got from Debamitra Mitra. 

Since I had to leave for Bombay to do the colour correction of my film, my mother had said that she'd give a letter expressing concern over the developments related to sexual harassment in the institute to Director Debamitra Mitra. Below are the things Debamitra Mitra did when Mother met her for the same.

Debamitra Mitra told my mother that the professor who raped me and I were staying together in the institute. She ASKED MY MOTHER TO SIGN A PAPER which said that my mother had denied Debamitra's claim. She told Mother that her daughter's complaint of rape was made only after her having stayed with him. [Insinuating that I had 'enjoyed' staying with him and that abuse was an afterthought]

Yes, she was talking about the same professor against whom I am fighting a case of rape in Calcutta high court, the same professor who has not attended even one hearing of the internal inquiry. Debamitra Mitra should appear for that man in court with this kind of slut shaming skills. 

She also went ahead and asked my mother if she'd heard of section 498. 'Write it down if you haven't' she said. Debamitra Mitra 'informed' my mother that section 498 was abolished because of increased misuse of it by daughters in law. If anyone has her number please feel free to ask her what she meant. She also gave her a sweet assurance: 

"Now Srfti will not harass her (me) because she will be going out from SRFTI by 31st march. Now a woman director has come"

My mother felt faint and a doctor had to be called. Her BP had shot up. She had to ask for a vehicle to be arranged for her to get back home. She missed the train she had to catch today to Delhi.

Ms. Debamitra Mitra, do you have any explanation for this that you did to my mother? I am coming back. You will have to answer me. You will have to face the consequences of what you did to a mother who stood with her girl when she was sexually harassed. I am not going anywhere till you are told, taught, by women like me what you need to know. 


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