Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year In Kolkata

I don't want to drink on new year's. Feel like going on a trip somewhere. The idea of new year here is to drink till the morning next day, play loud music and dance. Give vent to all the feelings you hide when you are sober. I did all that last year. In a year i have gotten so used to this routine that i find it unimaginably boring. I am thinking of going to Santiniketan tonight. Don't know anyone there and don't have money to spend on lodging either. So it could be an adventure of sorts. The idea is to travel on local trains as much as possible. S Choudhary has threatened us with a class tomorrow but i don't think that will happen because in all probability he will be drinking at the party too. Tried to make a new year sketch yesterday. Ink spilled on the paper and i ended up with this. 

This is from when we went location scouting for the Demo Film project that just got over. Princep Ghat

This is from one of the locations in Sobhabazar. I loved that place and felt like settling there after my course. The houses there had something like a നടുമുറ്റം. Where the skylight falls in. The house where the shoot took place had sealed it because of privacy issues. People upstairs would be able to see what happened downstairs. This is the stairs of the building which had letter boxes for all the inmates. 

I hope the local train plan works out. Want to stay away from campus as much as possible. A dead place, this.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Birla Academy of Art and Culture

Went to an art exhibition at Birla Academy of Art and Culture. Loved it. As usual i got lost on the way and back so got to see a lot of interesting things. Was intrigued to find an outlet of Kottaykkal Aryavaidyasala. I don't believe in Ayurveda and think the whole thing is a hoax. 

Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala, Sarat Bose Road

In one of the detours i took found this interesting place. I am not sure what they sell. But these mannequins attracted me.

So did this little car at a garage there.

This looked like a temple. Not sure what it was, but i liked the Mithila style of painting that i saw outside. 

Earlier i had been to an art exhibition in CIMA Art Gallery. It was called Transition and marked the gallery's 20th anniversary. Photography was prohibited. I just bought a T shirt from there. It reads 'Once upon a time there was a plump tiger'.

'Ek chilo mota kendo bagh'
The CIMA exhibition had far less pieces than the one at Birla Academy. I totally loved this one. I am not a connoisseur of artwork. This one just inspired me a lot and i loved most of what i saw. Here are the various pieces there which i liked. 

Birla Academy of Art and Culture

I made the mistake of not noting all the artists' names. Will update it as soon as i can.


II Untitled
Artist: Pulak Sanpui


III Epitaph
Artist: Partha Roy
 Acrylic on Canvas

IV Lunar Effect
Artist: Partha Roy
Oil on Canvas


VI Rhythm of Love
Artist: Alok Ray
Acrylic on Canvas

VI Details unavailable

VII Through the Barrier
Artist: Debasish Sarkar
Acrylic on Canvas

Artist: Debasish Sarkar
Acrylic on Canvas

IX The Flowing
Mixed Media

 X Black Smoke
Artist: Subrata Saha
Acrylic on Canvas

XI Face to Face

XII Untitled
Artist: Biswajit Mukherjee
Acrylic on Canvas

XIII Paradoxica-A
Water Colour on Paper

XIV Tapas News - IV
Artist: Tapas Majumder
Water Colour on Paper

XV Paradoxical - (B)
Artist: Tapas Majumder
Water Colour on Paper

XVI Untitled

XVII Watcher
Artist: Swapan Kr. Das

 XVIII Details not available

(Sorry for the person caught in frame.)

 XIX Happy Journey
Artist: Soumen Das

So that was my first experience in Birla Academy. I found it rather fulfilling and plan to visit the place as often as i can. 

Happy new year!