Sunday, 29 December 2013

Birla Academy of Art and Culture

Went to an art exhibition at Birla Academy of Art and Culture. Loved it. As usual i got lost on the way and back so got to see a lot of interesting things. Was intrigued to find an outlet of Kottaykkal Aryavaidyasala. I don't believe in Ayurveda and think the whole thing is a hoax. 

Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala, Sarat Bose Road

In one of the detours i took found this interesting place. I am not sure what they sell. But these mannequins attracted me.

So did this little car at a garage there.

This looked like a temple. Not sure what it was, but i liked the Mithila style of painting that i saw outside. 

Earlier i had been to an art exhibition in CIMA Art Gallery. It was called Transition and marked the gallery's 20th anniversary. Photography was prohibited. I just bought a T shirt from there. It reads 'Once upon a time there was a plump tiger'.

'Ek chilo mota kendo bagh'
The CIMA exhibition had far less pieces than the one at Birla Academy. I totally loved this one. I am not a connoisseur of artwork. This one just inspired me a lot and i loved most of what i saw. Here are the various pieces there which i liked. 

Birla Academy of Art and Culture

I made the mistake of not noting all the artists' names. Will update it as soon as i can.


II Untitled
Artist: Pulak Sanpui


III Epitaph
Artist: Partha Roy
 Acrylic on Canvas

IV Lunar Effect
Artist: Partha Roy
Oil on Canvas


VI Rhythm of Love
Artist: Alok Ray
Acrylic on Canvas

VI Details unavailable

VII Through the Barrier
Artist: Debasish Sarkar
Acrylic on Canvas

Artist: Debasish Sarkar
Acrylic on Canvas

IX The Flowing
Mixed Media

 X Black Smoke
Artist: Subrata Saha
Acrylic on Canvas

XI Face to Face

XII Untitled
Artist: Biswajit Mukherjee
Acrylic on Canvas

XIII Paradoxica-A
Water Colour on Paper

XIV Tapas News - IV
Artist: Tapas Majumder
Water Colour on Paper

XV Paradoxical - (B)
Artist: Tapas Majumder
Water Colour on Paper

XVI Untitled

XVII Watcher
Artist: Swapan Kr. Das

 XVIII Details not available

(Sorry for the person caught in frame.)

 XIX Happy Journey
Artist: Soumen Das

So that was my first experience in Birla Academy. I found it rather fulfilling and plan to visit the place as often as i can. 

Happy new year!

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  1. loved the life in the writing and painting. Umma. Happy New Year. God Bless You