Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Amala Akkineni's letter to Sexual Harassment Complainants at SRFTI

28th March 2017

Amala Akkineni's letter to us three complainants

Dear Kunjila, Sreecheta and Layashree
my heart goes out to you and I truly wish I can do more than offer you my sincere and heartfelt support, empathy and condolences for all your suffering.
While it may be the norm to belittle "modern" girls and their fight for justice in a patriarchal society dominated with surface morality, the system if followed will work. Think of this as the turning of India's rusted wheels for justice. Think of this as your fight for all women in India and be strong.
I have taken this up at the highest level possible for me and will continue to advocate ethical behaviour of both management and Board towards the issue and ICC. Unless someone at the top is willing to step in there is little hope for attitudes to change. We are not here to make judgement but to address the issue of women's safety and in the current scenario it is questionable.
Shocked to see the video links. Really shocked. Good you have this proof os despicable behaviours. Once again, my heart goes out to you and I pray SRFTI student nightmares are over for ever. Be strong and be well. India must change and will move on.

I'm in love with this woman. I have not heard such an honest voice from SRFTI in ages in this issue.

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