Friday, 31 March 2017

Debamitra Mitra, Director, SRFTI, is in Close Proximity with Professor Found Guilty of Sexual Harassment

31st March 2017

When a new director was appointed SRFTI and when her proximity with one of the professors SRFTI had found guilty of sexual harassment was widely discussed, we wrote to the minister of I&B stating our apprehensions about the same. Now it has come to our notice that for a long period of time during the enquiry into our charges of sexual harassment against the professor, he and the current director shared the same address.

Are you kidding me! A person who shared a house with a professor who was found guilty of sexual harassment is in a position of power now. And that too power which rules over girl students who complained against the same professor. In one and a half months of her appointment she dissolved the ICC for Sexual Harassment and slut shamed and defamed complainants and harassed a complainant's mother. How would it be if the mother of the accused boy in Jadavpur University is made Chairperson of ICC-SH there? This sounds like that to me. (Not that the situation is any better there, now)

Stop protecting the guilty professors. If you have any shame left remove this woman from the position of power. There is an obvious and direct conflict of interest. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, now is the time to act. Or bury your head in shame. Secretary Ajay Mittal, is this what you meant when you said that I was imagining it all? Is Debamitra Mitra's appointment my imagination as well? How long will you support sexual harassment? Till it reaches your home?

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