Monday, 27 March 2017

Amala Akkineni's Letter - A Ray of Hope

27th March 2017

A Ray of hope from Amala Akkineni. Faith in humanity restored, now need to prepare for the bigger battle. Amala Akkineni wrote to me regarding the harassment my mother faced from Director of SRFTI, Debamitra Mitra

'Dear Kunjila,
I am really sad to read your email and hear about the ordeals you have been through. It is sad that such a response has happened despite the assurances given by the Director to listen and attend to every complaint. Had she patiently and politely listened to and filed your complaint as required , it would have been resolved . This is both disturbing and unnecessary on all counts .
I am taking up the matter with the board and the Ministry. My sincere apologies to you and your mother on behalf of all of us 🙏🏼. Do understand that India is waking up to the issue of sexual harassment and is still in infancy to know how to behave in such cases . No degree on earth tells one how to behave empathetically .Every step of the way victims are harassed , morally judged and exposed to public humiliation. In extreme cases the law is abused to take revenge on the innocent . In both extremes people do not know what or how to proceed and people sit by watching helplessly.
I suggest you give your best effort to your grad film and wait till internal dialogue takes its course . Thank you for your trust and patience .
With best regards
Amala Akkineni'

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