Monday, 13 March 2017

Guess Who Takes Decisions About Sexual Harassment in SRFTI

13th March 2017

Hi people, you know Madhur Bhandarkar, right? You know how he was accused of rape and how the girl told the court for 'mysterious reasons' that she didn't want to pursue the case, right? Now you know SRFTI right? That prestigious film institute in which sexual harassment cases including that of rape came up against three professors, last year? Against one more professor going on currently. Yeah, so guess what, when a new Governing Council [GC – the highest decision making body of the institute] had to be formed after all of this, SRFTI approached this man, Madhur Bhandarkar to be a member. They couldn’t think of any other person in the country, i guess.
While the institute maintained that they ABSOLUTELY needed a female for the post of the Director of the institute, because of the history of sexual harassment cases, people like Bhandarkar and Debamitra Mitra, the female director everyone was keen to appoint, made the decision of reconstituting the sexual harassment complaints committee. 

Oh, by the way another man who was approached to be member of the council was Irrfan Khan. Yes, he, another accused in a sexual harassment case is a member too. So tell you what, i’ll like to make a list of all such film people involved in sexual harassment in order to make it easy for SRFTI to choose its Governing Council members in future. Let's start with Shiney Ahuja who went to jail for raping his maid, was 'welcomed' back to the film world and was accused of harassing his co-actor. Dear Shiney Ahuja and others who like sexually harassing, raping women etc. Please approach SRFTI, they will welcome you with pleasure.
Meanwhile we will fight this predator institute with all the might we can gather.

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