Saturday, 5 March 2016

Short Film Trajectory #8: Here it Is

What i have come to understand in SRFTI is that even though you are pessimistic, even though life seems bland and hopeless at all times, even though you are always skeptical of your choice of career and passion in the end there are times when you feel good about it. Like in the case of short film. After the project i was very ashamed of it. Disappointed and sad. I cried about it for nights. But as days months and a year passed by i started liking the film. Probably because i made other films which sought my disappointment and pessimistic attention. So in the end i like our short film called 'Gruhapravesham/Moving In'. I am making the film public over here. Anybody can watch it, screen it, use it, steal it and i will be happy if you give credit to the original makers when you do it. Thanks.

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