Sunday, 13 March 2016

Dreams: February 2016

  • Vi Ve on campus. He has Ry's face. We go to D Quarters and peer in. See Vi Ve. I hide. Vi Ve comes out and looks at me. I ask how is Chennai. He laughs. We all laugh
  • Dream in which S and AjMa touched their balls and said something offensive when i was passing. They were with a police person. I told the same police person that i wanted to file a complaint against them. 
  • A scene in which i had a lot of pimples on forehead. 
20th February
  • Something about an incident with a car going over tar or muck. It was the way from Medical College/Kavu to Thondayad.
    Remember someone's penis. Green veins or something. Gross and foreskin hanging down. 
  • Dream about me going in search of an author. I find him. The search (khoj) was exciting and interesting. 
21st February
  • Hugging and kissing D Jeet. Vai Vow sees me. 
  • Cousins, Nileena and Meghna at home in Calicut. Meghna wants sketch pens. 
Sometime later

  • Dream about Veeran being spotted. He is running. He goes to Puthiyastand. Burns things. Modhu is on camera. She cracks jokes and everything.
    That terrifying moment when you were taking bath, looked like Anil Maman's bathroom where you overheard the things he was telling Mother on phone. About your relationship when you were 17. Veeran on top looking at you and smiling. Vicious smile.

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