Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Dreams, January 2016

2nd January 2016

  • I find the ring of the pressure cooker which fits. [the one i had had fallen loose and i was not able to fit it back that night]
  • Gi, childhood friend falls into a mud puddle in front of me. Her father whom i hate stands watching and says something to me.

3rd January 2016

  • Dreamed that in some statement that i gave in court there was inconsistency and i was questioned based on that.
  • Another dream in which S Choudhari, one of the professors who got suspended for sexual harassment charges had summoned all of us direction students in a room. He was very well dressed and he said what the charges against him were. Then he pointed to three female students including me in class and said that he knew that it was we who had complained. 
  • In another dream Jay was trying hit on me saying that i was always his true love 
21st January 2016

  • A dream in which i brushed against Han's (junior) hands. Looked like we liked each other. 
27th January 2016

  • A dream in which N. Sahay was there. He was going to the ICC Chairperson saying that he had got a signature from some high authority, probably a professor. I see this and conclude that it is O. Hazra who has signed in his favour. ICC Chairperson doesn't acknowledge the paper. O Hazra is again teaching us and doing her bullying. Sethuvamma tries to protest.

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