Sunday, 21 February 2016

Chauthi Koot (Fourth Direction): Gurvinder Singh (2015)

Loved the film. He makes you feel the dog is dead a lot of times. But till the end it is not confirmed. [Talk with Han. He identified himself with the dog. How he was fighting the sexual harassment battle for himself]. When asked what was the meaning of a shot, Gurvinder said that sometimes there was no meaning. Same with the title of the film. He said he never asked why the original text was called Fouth Direction. The structure of his narrative is very interesting and stealable. He started with one story and went to another story which happened six months ago and showed us a hindu husband and wife and child and then told us the whole dog story which is not about the dog at all and then he came back to the passengers getting off and the hindu passengers bring asked for help.
The shot of people going to AMritsar top angle and jimmy jib backwards to just making the sound of police warning.
Loved his style and pace in this one rather than Alms for the Blind Horse.
When he saw the house with the ladder he said that that was his house. Script changes so much after finding the location. Loved that frame which looked like people in the sky because of the ladder kept like that.

Him removing the cellophane off the chair. Hates the noise.
Cinema is all about transitions from one time and space to another. He feels the sense of time is more important. He says time in space for this reason. After giving information why would a filmmaker keep it for longer. The Growing Stone. Albert Camus.

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