Sunday, 31 May 2015

May 2015: Films

Aadmi Aur Aurat; Tapan Sinha (1984)

Drunk S and his crying. Met S on the lawn when i was going out for tea early morning after a sleepless night. He was drunk. We talked for some time. He made me watch the film and cried a lot watching it. I didn't cry. Liked the film though. Thanks, S.

Code Unknown; Michel Haneke (2000)

i want to eat Haneke three times a day.

Time of the wolf.

His murders. Really. That cut on the gun shot. Child suicide. How powerful it is. What the man says to appease the crying child is that what matters is that you tried and that you would have done it if i hadn't come. That is what should really be said to them. Because while attempting your life there exists only child logic. Or none at all.

All his Benny's are the same.

Love his intertextuality. His body of work is not separate. 

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