Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Play it the Eff Back: At Home and Brooding, and Cooking for Calico. Yo!

So on saturday i felt like cooking. Decided to make kappa (tapioca) erissery for Calico and his wifey. He in turn would give me my evening tea. Nice deal. I love kappa. Always loved what Sethuvamma made at home. She used to make us kappa with simple seasoning to eat with yummilicious and hot chilly chutney (mulakuchammanthi). With kappa erissery which was kappa with ground coconut paste she would give us fish curry. It's a combination made in food heaven. Mouth waters even as i type.

The day before Calico had bought me my favourite chicken biriyani from Paragon, Calicut's busiest restaurant. After food he took me to their bakery and treated me to Kashmiri halwa which i was having for the first time. It wasn't great, but was not bad either. So it was pay back time too, for Calico's biriyani treat.

chicken biriyani at paragon

Kashmiri halwa

I am an erratic cook. I cook when i feel like it not when i am hungry. I don't have a family to feed so i don't have to be a responsible cook. I didn't make fish curry or even a chutney to have with kappa. Calico would definitely have some pickle at his den, i said reassuringly in my head.

At Kolkata i never got kappa. Once when NN went to Bombay, where her home is, she got me kappa from a malayali store there. That was our first kappa in Kolkata. I had overcooked the kappa that time and wanted to get it right this time at home. I did.

The recipe from one of my favourite food blogs, Mishmash, was the same as Sethuvamma's and that was what i always used. I crushed the coconut with my hands because like i said my cooking is rather bizarre and i was lazy to find the lid of the mixer jar. Hand crushing works just fine.

Cooking at home is the best thing. You have everything you want at your disposal. Only have to step out to get curry leaves. Have a vaakkathi (a big knife which is great for breaking coconut shell) in your kitchen to break coconut. A coconut scraper fixed to the kitchen slab. Bah! As a Bengali would exclaim.

When i went to calico with my kappa i realized that he didn't eat it. It was not good for his tummy. So i gave it to his wifey and his parental home and had a lot of his tea and left to buy some gold (within Rs 1000 to wear in my many ear piercings. Like stingy mother, like stingy daughter) from Bhima. Got just what i wanted in Rs 990. Ah, precision, i say.

It was a kappalicious day and i felt good. For some time. As for the work regarding our Playback project (where a track has to be played back during shoot. In a very narrow sense, a song picturisation) which i call the play it the fuck back project, i did nothing. I was just being at home and alone. I liked it that way. D Jeet was happy with this arrangement too. He always liked it when i was at a distance from him. I wonder if it's just me or all cinematographers prefer it that way with their directors. I hope it's the latter but know that it's the former. :)

kappa erissery
Note to self: Need to get a good camera as soon as possible to get the colours right. Food in wrong colours is a sad sight. Hmmph.

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