Friday, 1 January 2016

Diploma Ideas From SIGNS Diary

  • After violence from son it should cut to muslim butcher cutting beef Dhak. He looks up and is surprised because now we get to know along with him that his customer is Lakshmi.
  • Inside house scene can be there. Just make sure you cut with boy's violence. Mother helpless.
  • The khabaredukkal of the dead muslim man is happening when the woman passes by with beef from the market.
  • Dream sequence of horse. People hiding in the horse and coming out of it from Greek mythology. Find out name etc.
  • Einsteins's table and room on the day he died. The photo Vai Vow showed you. It should be titled death and in film the photograph should be replicated and the title 'death' should appear across it.
  • Old man drooling child drooling : Just use.
  • Visual from dream. The big tree. Three people swinging on it. This is Lakshmi's dream. The big tree elsder brother, her in pettycoat and another small kid swinging. In the long shot at first nobody understands what that thing is which is moving. Later the girl jumps off and runs. Paavada and blouse. She should wear it and should be like Shabana's costume in Ankur. [Chuck this. Make it pettycoat]. This dream should be splashed with snoring sound of the potbellied husband in the end. And it should be in black and white? Creaking sound of the aalmaram. 

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