Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Short Film Trajectory #3

After we made the floor plan it was time to proceed to actual set construction. Even before that in consultation with the producers our budget was prepared. D Jeet and I proceeded towards finalizing the look of the film. This included props, costumes etc. There were a lot of problems that we faced during construction. The first one was that of opening the pit. We had to use the pit in the floor for the stairs portion of the set. Owing to the use of the rain machine in the shoot before ours it was filled with mucky water. We had to pump all of it out. Work=time=money on set. Students including D Jeet, me and some others from the dept of cinematography also helped in the construction. The first day after the previous shoot would be to dismantle the lights. The second to dismantle their set. The third for our construction, fourth for painting and fifth for weathering. Sixth day is for lighting. On seventh day contrary to popular fairy tales tradition, we don't rest but just lose sleep over the shoot which would start the coming day. I remember the two of us sitting on the stairs and taking a look at the space that was made. It felt as if we had made a house and were taking a final look at it.

Even during those days of prep. I was proceeding with casting and rehearsals. I even got chance to rehearse on set on the day of lighting. Getting the actors acquainted with the set is also a good practice.

When you know that a film was shot on studio what is to be understood is that every single thing you saw on screen was made or put there on purpose. Nothing was a coincidence. From the set design we made and the references we had taken the set we made looked like this. These are stills taken during shoot so nothing might make sense owing to the fact that my script doesn't make much sense. :D

The shoot went as usual. With a LOT of running around, sleeplessness, restlessness, hardwork, toil, rehearsals, good acting, bad acting, exigencies, recoveries, heartbreaks, bonding, fighting, drama etc. To quote Bresson “Shooting. No part of the unexpected which is not secretly expected by you”. Even with all these usual events it was different from any shoot I was part of till date. There were a lot of reasons for this. I had not worked this hard for any other work. It was the first major project after the training we received under specialization. This meant that this was the first time I was going to put to use some lessons and notes I had made for myself and wanted to try out. It was the first time the ability of the four of us to work as a crew was going to be put to test. Everything put together it gave me a high that even the best joint I have had so far wasn't able to give me. I loved working with D Jeet especially. I could feel my ideas feel at home in his images.

The wait for the telecine is on. In two weeks' time I will see the rough cut. Just thinking of it makes me aware of the numerous blunders I made and the disaster that the actual film is going to be. Even then, when I think of the beautiful process that I was part of I feel content. That will do, for now. 

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