Monday, 31 July 2017

Ideas - June, July, Bombay

  • First shot of Lucia - amazing - copy.

    Starts with a conversation at a garage. Script brilliance. The elaborate description of the work done on the car immediately makes us think of an accident. - a wreck. Then we think if the owner is going to refuse to pay. No. He signs the receipt, gets in and rides. Stops at a signal and walks. Then the title. It is all one shot with us seeing everything from within the car or just outside it or backseat.
  • Scarred my tired wrist - 10th June 2017
  • The problems of being 'improperly' raped. Due to the notion of 'proper' rape, victims who are improperly raped often feel that their rape wasn't rape enough.
  • Used condoms and empty cigarette packets are but best friends.
  • We fired so that you can be hired
  • Sex kiya toh darna kya
  • Vai Vow at Calicut beach photo - from two years ago. The frame. 
  • At Howrah station on my way back after the SRFTI ordeal. I hear the sound first. Everyone turns to look along with me. It is a trolley being pulled, full of love birds and rabbits in cages. They are twittering. Later whenever this carton passes the same sound can be used. 
  • Udaan - end wih the girl trying to start the car/starting the car. Audience never know if she is going to kill herself or not.
  • Like Vai Vow’s father. How the children of an area ‘kla kla kla’ ‘do do do’. The vocabulary of that region. ‘Tring’ for bicycle. You can show these words being said (in a film) and later reveal the origin. When a child is born and is roaming about, a man/woman calls them and starts playing with them. Then you know the source. In the novel, these can be used here and there without giving the meaning. Like ‘tring’ didn’t come today so I went to this shop to buy icecream. Then later when the old man says it we come to know that tring is the word for the icecream person.

    • What would have been a status update on Facebook:  
      For the first time, when i came back to 1BHK in Bombay, i felt relieved. Not the back home after work relieved but the fact that the house is mine, that nobody will do anything to me here, that i wouldn't have to ask favours from anyone here. Not for a place to stay or a bathroom to wash clothes. I will not be humiliated here. This is the place i can return to if i am humiliated. One more thing: I want to tell you all know how important money is, especially for a woman. I could rent a place outside because i had money. Could quickly cancel tickets and book the comparatively expensive tatkal tickets because i had money. Phone calls. Otherwise my balance would always be zero. Someone paid the hospital bill for me but i could offer to return it. Earlier i wouldn't  have been able to and would have felt even more helpless. Taxis, porters and a lot more wouldn't have been options if i wasn't earning. Women, please start earning as much as you can.
    • Painting: Led bulb wire. Two of them mate. Blue, Yello. flower Led: Green.
    • Patch of light on the wall. Like in your bedroom. Cigarette holding hand playing with the shadow. What you did when you saw it.
    • Picture: I am loose, not the woman, said the bra.
    • Film: You had posted the picture of a wall painting. Vai Vow saw it today when he came to your office. The cow one that you had clicked and uploaded long ago. Spaces bringing people together.
    • Girl buys clothes for her boyfriend at a shop. She doesn't know the size. So she says to the salesperson: 'What is your size?' He later sees this girl walking with a guy. Later a situation arises in which the salesperson helps/talks - an accident? with the same guy. 'You don't know me but i know you' thing.
    • Tagline for packers and movers: We carry your load.

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