Monday, 5 June 2017

Dreams April, May 2017, Bombay

  • Vai Vow dream about me. I am trying to save a mad woman who has come to SRFTI because i think SRFTI will treat her inhumanly. I run here and there and switch off the main power of SRFTI. Vai vow is running behind me worried and panicking asking me how i will be able to see if i turn off the power etc. The mad woman runs up a tall building. I get on a crane and go up there. Putul ma'am is on a bigger crane giving some instructions. I do some trapeze sort of act while on the crane etc. Vai Vow is worried. 
  • In the dream, Kunju Thalona and i were in a slum in Bombay. We were living there happily. Like Saroo and Guddu. Then, i get lost. Like Saroo. I ride a bike without knowing how etc. Auto driver - fight. He's trying to find out where i live. I am trying to trick him. 

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