Wednesday, 21 June 2017

15 Muslim Men Were Booked Under Sedition For Cheering For Pakistan. Here Is Why The Country Didn't Care

So Indian cricket team lost a game. For those who don’t give a shit about cricket it was just a sigh of relief. All that insane cricket frenzy would come to an end. For those who love cricket, it was one of those days in which they would perform all the duties of a faithful fan. Celebrate the victory of the team they support. Not anymore. Sorry. You can’t do that in India.

Well some of you can’t. Those of you who like team Pakistan. Those of you who cheer for the victory of Pakistan will be sent to jail. Wait. There is an important word missing in there and that is Muslim. The 15 men who were charged with sedition for cheering for Pakistan and were denied bail and sent to jail were Muslim. Why? The neighbours complained. Oh yeah, the neighbours. Err… bursting fire crackers and shouting was the disturbance right? Where were you good souls last Diwali? How is it that these neighbours transform themselves to dutiful citizens when it is an azaan that they are hearing? Ever been to Hindu weddings? Oh you probably sing there, don't you?

That makes us wonder, what was everyone doing when this bullshit was being pulled by the government? Then the world will turn upside down for you. Not getting it? It will turn upside down because everyone was doing sheersana at the time. Yeah. It was world yoga day yesterday and all of our dear politicians were busy doing yoga postures that they just didn’t see this. How can you when you are viewing the world like this

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

Those who were not doing this were no good either. Take this Madhya Pradesh minister Gaurishankar Bisen for instance. Anybody would think that he’d have something to say on this because it happened in his state. But poor Bisen. How can he when yoga soothed his too much that he fell asleep. Surely, you cannot get all the news of what is happening in the country when you’re sleeping. We feel you bro. Want a lullaby? You can listen to the national anthem of Pakistan because if India’s is played you’d have to get up from sleep and stand up. Or else you’ll be booked under sedition.

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