Sunday, 18 September 2016

Professor Biren Das Sharma Died

15th September 2016

Professor Biren Das Sharma died.
I thought a lot if i should write what i want to write about him. There might be a lot if i were to write but somehow when i lost Biren sir from the very small number of people i respect and love in SRFTI, i didn't feel like writing how much i loved him and how he loved his students and how he taught us cinema. I am also not sure if it makes any sense to note that the first time i or may be any of us saw him without a beard was when he was dead and inside the mobile mortuary which came to the institute. I did not cry. The note below is not for the readers. It is for myself because i am paranoid about my memory. I feel that anything which is not recorded will be gone from me with time.

Biren sir - Ragging. Meek and mild and the list of students with pictures given me for my first ever identification parade.
Biren sir - 'Why are you laughing?' Me: 'Because you are laughing, sir' Biren sir: Laughs more
Biren sir - Umberto D
Biren sir - 'My teacher told me that remember in every class that there will be at least one student who has seen one film more than you have and read one book more than you have.'
Biren sir - Look at the girl breaking down in front of you first to the then dean who was not taking any action against Tanmay Agarwal who was torturing two students.
Biren sir - Nilotpal Majumdar, ex-dean had trivialized sexual harassment in faculty meetings
Biren sir - Partha Ghose, Chairperson, had convened a meeting asking all faculty to take action against me for tarnishing the name of the institute and also saying that i am mentally unwell.

Biren sir - Send me your script.
Biren sir - Dead.

Prof. Biren Das Sharma. Photo: Vaibhav Hiwase

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