Wednesday, 1 June 2016


On 1st June 2016 when all children went back to school back at home, Kerala i received a mail which i believe is from the ministry of Information and Broadcasting. It was ccd to the director and the chairperson of the institute and it read thus.

Please refer your emails regarding pending complaints filed by you. As you know, the Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) set up by the Institute is inquiring into them and has also submitted its report on some of them. The concerned disciplinary authority is looking into the reports submitted by the ICC and appropriate action would be taken in accordance with the prescribed procedure in this regard. You may appreciate that the management has taken several steps in this regard. You may also appreciate that in such matters, the procedure as prescribed is to be followed and you may be rest assured that the Institute will take all necessary measures in accordance with the prescribed Rules. As regards threats from certain quarters, the Institute is taking necessary steps to address your concern. 
I do not know what to make of this letter because it is not really addressing any of the problems i had written them about. Even then i have decided to believe that it is a ray of hope that they wrote back. I wrote back to them thus.

Dear sir,Thanks for the reassuring reply.
I would, however like to point out certain queries and grievances which have been left unanswered.
The reply that you sent me was ccd to the chairperson Mr Partha Ghose. It is against his harassment that i had written to you first. His brutal form of harassment towards a sexual harassment complainant needs to be addressed immediately also because he holds power and that in itself is intimidating. I hope you remember the faculty meeting held by Mr. Partha Ghose which was nothing but a plot to eradicate the element called me from campus. Please intervene immediately.
The management has not provided us with the copy of the ICC report up until this moment when i am writing to you.
The management has not taken any action based on the findings of ICC.
The management has not taken any action against the students who were engaged in a massive intimidation campaign.

I really hope the ministry intervenes and we win this battle. I am waiting.

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