Monday, 9 March 2015

Monday Morning Bombay Toast

France is my dream country. Paris is my dream city. French toast is the first thing i learned to make. I was only a child. That's what i like about it. Even children can make it.

French toast, but was called Bombay toast at home. I don't know how either of the names came about. In first year us girls were given accommodation in a staff quarters called D block. I loved those days in D 11. I had my bed near the window, a grand kitchen and many cups of coffee. I started cooking by making egg curry. It had too much oil in it and while making it the pan caught fire. It was an induction cooker that Sethuvamma bought that i was using and was yet to learn the heat dynamics of it.

NN lived in another room in the same house. She was from Bombay (now Mumbai). When i made Bombay toast for the first time i realized she loved it. It soon became one of our common snacks there. There were times when i made it on all days of the week.
We came to the conclusion that it was called french toast by people from Bombay and Bombay toast by everyone else. 
Bombay made me think of Appachan. That was where he was posted on his first job. I remembered his tales of tailors on the pavement who stitched pants. That was were he graduated to pants from mundu (dhoti). I thought of her (uncle's) Bombay beef fry.

Then she called.
When i told her about our Bombay toast making spree she whispered a cooking tip in my ear. It was to add a little meat masala in the egg milk and sugar mixture. I did and i loved it.
Recently she gifted me a lot of cookware, an induction cooker, and an overn-toaster-griller. I couldn't cook. You know how it is. If you don't have mouths to feed and are cooking only for the joy of it then you cook when cook.

I had stopped taking my lithium pills and had gone back to my usual sleep pattern. It was almost 7 a.m when i got some sleep. She called me before that to impart what she calls 'scientific temper'. Gave a lecture on how sleep pattern affects almost everything in a person's life. Sounded like a lullaby. When i got up 4 hours later i cooked.

NN woke up to the smell of Bombay toast and i was happy. Monday morning Bombay toast in memory of D 11 and its girls.  


  1. She called me before that to impart what she calls 'scientific temper'. - ivide ee paragraphil enthaa aa She kku oru cherivu illaathe? oru pucham pole, prathyekichu aa lecture partil :D

  2. Also why does that plate have lot of scratch marks?