Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Speaking of space, i am reminded of my earring collection. I love earrings and buy them cheap whenever i can. Kunju Thalona is who showed me how to arrange them well on thermocol pieces. This is a portion of my collection. In it are earrings stolen, acquired, gifted and bought.

They have got nothing to do with space. Just that in the past month four people made comments on my earrings which i felt violated my space. I am trying to figure out how that was. Nothing seems to connect them. Yet, i found it strange.

Four men told me that earrings made me look good/beautiful/pretty etc.
I wouldn't have felt it was a violation of space if it were women who had said it.
I thought of all the times when i had said people that they were looking good when they hadn't asked my opinion on their looks.
I thought of her showing off her jhumka. Decided not to pay any attention to that thought and thought only of it for an hour.

More often than not i feel i am making it all up in my head. Then i think of her video on 'space' [swearing that that is going to be the last time i think of it] and feel relieved. There might be people who feel awkward with such things. I am still unable to formulate into words why that happened. I don't think it was about earrings at all. I would have felt the same if they had said the colour i was wearing was looking good one me.

While 'you look good' is quite generic for me, specifics is unsettling. Even then i decided to think twice before paying any compliment on looks to people. Actually i decided to stop talking to people about clothes and accessories altogether. That is when i say most of such things. Now when i think of it, i should stop talking to people altogether. Peace on earth and mess free mind.

It was today when i was waiting for my turn to play badminton that someone i detested spoke about my four piercings in one ear and how he liked it. I felt like punching his nose into his head with my racket. Simply smiled and said 'thanks' imagining that in my head. Yes, i do that a lot. And feel sick later.

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