Thursday, 29 January 2015

January 2015: Films

Gone Girl: David Fincher Successful in Creating Mass Paranoia

Most of the good reviews i heard about this film were from men. That got me skeptical. Thought it must be some patriarchal misogynist stuff. After watching it i have nothing much to say about it. No, i don't think it is misogynist or patriarchal in its content. Most people were talking about the film being against the institution of marriage. Didn't feel so at all. I didn't find anything much exciting in the craft of the film. What i did was get scared. I got scared that i would end up like the protagonist. The movie is not about marriage at all. It is about abusive relationships. The director has even taken it to the next level by making the protagonist kill another human being in the guise of love. Basics of abuse. Call it love and beat someone up. Call it love and not let people breathe. I also saw the sad state of the abused returning to the abuser just because they don't know what to do in the absence of abuse. The husband does exactly that. I would also like to add that it was intriguing to watch a female abuser. Abuse stories need to come out in all literature and this is one of them, from a male point of view. That way, it is important. That apart, the film didn't give me much. Just another movie.

PS: Haven't read the novel. Might not too.

Lost in Translation: I-Wish-i-Had-Done-it-One

How i ended up watching the film was interesting. My next project after documentary is playback in which i have to have music, preferably with lip sync and a short narrative of 5 minutes. Most of my classmates already have ideas for it and are in their prep. I am not even half way through my documentary. NN one day said she was in love with the music she was listening to then. It was from this film and she said that the whole scene was a great playback project. I watched it and was so impressed, i wanted to copy the whole thing in my playback project. This was the portion.

I downloaded the film that very night, intrigued and excited. Just finished watching it and what a film! What craft! I loved everything about it. What i liked the most was how brilliantly it was cut and how it was apt for the story. Audiography was no less. Everything had just blended in perfectly. There was nothing in excess. It was like a perfect meal.
The cuts gave me goosebumps. Sound design made me cry out of joy. These are some among the many places which i loved in the film.
How they met in the elevator briefly once and how she smiled at him. This later comes up in one of their conversations. That's called beautiful scripting.
How language brings people closer especially in a land where the common language is what a person misses the most. Tell me about it after two and a half years in Kolkata! Japan is out of the question. I would have died.
Both the marriages.
The way they bond.
The way they meet each other after swimming. That is how it always is, you know. You think you are the only one alone in the crowd and then you see someone who thinks just the same. Then it all begins.
His emptiness when she is gone for a day. Oh speak about love, and you will end up in emptiness.
The way she is alone. Her loneliness, i felt is the best portrayed thing in the movie. I always feel women's loneliness is deeper. And that is exactly how it has come out when compared to his.
The fire alarm scene is what i liked the best. I decided to copy it in my playback project along with the 'Alone in Tokyo' sequence. I feel so good. I hope i can make a good copy. Going to download 'Somewhere' now.
France being my next dream destination, i was delighted to read what Ms Coppola had to say about it.  "The Palais-Royal, the Tuileries Garden, the Musée d'Orsay. You can tell I love the city, right? It's a filmmaker's dream there; the colors are beautiful!"

I didn't understand why the film opened with her waist down in underwear, though.
This film made my month. Just lovely. I wish i had made it. I hope i will be able to make people feel what they felt watching this, one day. It will never happen, i know.

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