Friday, 21 February 2014

Lost in Transition

The Harrington Street Arts Centre

Exhibition: Lost in Transition

My recent liking is reaching to people by post. It just came with the new year, the idea. Have been sending friends and family post cards, drawings etc. So it was a pleasant surprise to read about this exhibition in the 'today' section of the Telegraph.

Lost in Transition was about letters. Most of the installations were post boxes. In kolkata every building has a wall lined with post boxes. Its much more than at home. During the shoot of our first Demo film i had done a sketch of one such wall. It was shot at my classmate S Kar's friend Sud Basu's place. A north Kolkata building where the light was fantastic and feeling best suited to my aging mind. I was totally in love with the location and did this during the time i was asked to guard the frame from passers by during take. Now you know how well that job was done. Here is the sketch. 

One of the installations mentioned how it was becoming more and more difficult for post-people to deliver mail. Kolkata has banned bikes on most roads thereby taking away the means of transport for them. [Bike is short for bicycle. Using bike for motorbike is Indianism]

Here are some of the work there. 

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  1. beautiful paintings....hmm..makes one think..why nobody writes letters these days...people have even forgotten how their handwriting looks like...I love the whole process..writing a letter, puting it inside the envelope..walking to the nearby post office and sending it..but who has time?....Thanks for this post...loved your painting also..