Wednesday, 5 February 2014

January 2014: Films

What Time is it There?

Tsai Ming Lang again. Good. But have forgotten most of it already. When will i be able to overcome this. A curse. But the attempt of the girl to sleep with the woman was really good. Her in the metro and everyone understanding the language and getting out while she alone remains. The problem of language. Similar concerns-yours.

Les Diaboliques

Loved it. Thrilling.

The Hole

Loved it. Its interesting how the movie is supposed to be happening in 2000 and we are watching it in 2014. Are our fears the same? Very intriguing movie. Truly brilliant. The whole hole idea is too good. The building up of their relationship- to be noted.


Quai des Orfevres- Henri Georges Clouzot
Thriller again. Truly good. The character of the detective is really good.


Anhey Gorhey Da Daan

[Alms for the Blind Horse]

The director- fan of Mani Kaul and it shows. Amazing use of sound. Slow pace for slow life, stagnant nature- technique? But does it mean anything in the end? The train passing scene was amazing. Good. But don't LOVE it.

Hollywood shit. Have tried to make it a tad bit different. But doesn't really make much. Hides propaganda like always. Christianity.



A great thriller. Very few black and whites which i like. Have noticed that i can watch black and whites in one go only if they are thrillers. The first one that i did was Twelve Angry Men. Then came A Man Escaped. Most people don't consider them thrillers but to me they are. I have a different definition of thriller altogether. By that standard Stalker is one too, for me.
Watched the truck scenes with bated breath. Like i was playing a very exciting video game. Felt good.


First Mohsen. Didn't like it much. The film appeared to me a fantasy tale. Like a folk tale, perhaps. The story told by the girl who comes out of a carpet (gabbeh). The landscape and nature that the film shows are beautiful. One could just go on looking at it. 

31. 12. 2013


Battle in Heaven
Carlos Reygedas

Liked it on second watching too. Like this one better than Japon. Problems of the middle class, frightening. I honestly cannot imagine a woman who prostitutes out of boredom.



Abbas Kiarostami

My first Kiarostami. Loved it.
What touched me the most was 'she' calling the writer J-j-j-JJames in the end. 


Carlos Reygadas

Second Reygadas after
Battle in Heaven. Loved it. Noticed that the director's emphasis on 'imperfect' human bodies pertains. So does his extremely lengthy point of view shots which in the end becomes an over the shoulder or a wide angle with the character themselves.

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