Monday, 26 December 2016


Late this year. Looks great nevertheless.

This year is my last Christmas in SRFTI. I was not going to bake because i didn't have money to buy all the stuff. Rehna was kind enough to send me dry fruit so i decided to do it this year too. Soaked are:

I am stating the price also so that penniless people like me can start saving before christmas.

Tropical dried fruits 220g Rs.250
California orange peel bits 100g Rs.350
Seedless black raisins 200g Rs.199
Golden raisins 200g Rs.175
Dates 250g 500g costs Rs.165
Cherries 300 g cost Rs 90 [I used 250 g of that]

Soaked in the cheapest brandy available. 3 bottles of 375 mL, each cost Rs.220
This year i do want to add one more item to my baking list. Do suggest me something simple and cheap that you know of. 

Here is the cake and how it was made.

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