Thursday, 21 July 2016

Leaves Diary Films

  • 21st July 2016
    Nostalghia Tarkovsky.

    Every shot in the first half of the film has to be dissected and preserved for lensing, long takes and basic shot breakdown-minimalistic. From the shot in which the guy and the girl are talking in close-ups and then a woman walking and a dog enters and we are shown the space and then positions. Perfect establishing shot. Theory plus aesthetics blend is perfect. That said remembered only the candle scene and self immolation scene from the first time i watched it and this is not one of favourite Tarkovskys. Even the use of mirror wasn't great, i felt.

  • 1922 Dracula [Nosferatu]-funny now

  • Herzog's Dracula: [Nosferatu: The Vampyre]
    Liked watching it in the same day. Was really good.

  • Metropolis: Really good. The principle idea behind the film is that of between head and hands there should be a mediator called heart. It has a happy ending which i didn't like.

  • Pulp Fiction: very funny. Racist and sexist. This time no problem with the non linear narrative. Shyamal Sengupta and something about the gun. John Travolta Butch scene. Really liked Butch's girlfriend.

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