Wednesday, 30 September 2015

August, September 2015: Films

Pather Panchali; Satyajit Ray (1955)


Muzzaffarnagar Baaqi Hai
Detailed post here

2nd September
Hunger: Steve McQueen (2008)

What a film. About 'No Wash' Protests and hunger strikes the political prisoners carries out. Brilliant shot taking. See that long pans and sweeping camera begins with one person and ends with another. The little Bobby visiting the dying Bobby in hospital from the story he narrated to his priest friend. Prepared to die. Everyone was prepared to die. Whatever the cause the conviction is awe inspiring.
Excrement on walls and maggots and the dirt. All filmed in the way it should be. With minimum conversations to hold the attention of viewers. Also in the long conversation that Bobby has with his priest friend everything is filmed in the two shot full shot. Only in the end do we get to see a close up. Building tension that way has been achieved as if effortlessly. Brilliant.

29th September
The Triplets of Belleville; Sylvain Chome (2003)

Animation. About a boy who grows up to be a cyclist and gets kidnapped. His grandmother going in search of him and the way the triplets back then and now were linked to the grandmother's life. Old triplets are very nice too. It is a good thing that it started with their performance which later becomes on TV that the grandmother and grandchild are watching.

Paprika; Satoshi Kon (2006)

Animation film.
What a load of shit. Something like inception. Horrible. In some places it looked like porn. About this woman who can appear in dreams and works as a psychologist in the day. Alter ego sort of thing. Badly made. Crap. 

Mili; Rajesh Raman Pillai (2015)

When i first saw the film's hoardings in Kerala, had wondered why a film named after a woman had big pictures of Nivin Pauli. The film is only about Mili. Didn't like the film.

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