Friday, 8 August 2014

Short Film Trajectory #2

So D Jeet, my cameraperson, NN, the sound designer and I went to the original location. We collected as many reference materials as possible. It is important to take a note of all the things which make the place that and this includes anything from a broken chair kept in the balcony to the switchboards. These are some of the photos we collected.

Based on this D and I went to Rana, our professor who was going to help us with the set design. He used a software called Sketchup Make. In the first semester of our specialization we had been taught to work with it and create set designs. It's good to learn it, yes. I gave it up because it didn't work on my OS. So with the reference photographs D and I gave Rana our floor plan with measurements. We completed the plan in a day. It looks like this now.

The basic things to be kept in mind are that according to the camera movements you have on mind, some walls will have to be made removable. Some walls will have to have two sides. These are important and these are also some of the advantages of shooting on set.

The next step is to decide on what props to use and the texture to each and every wall, paint etc. A working model will have to be constructed. I am currently working on the 6th draft of my script under the mentorship of P Mahmood, my professor. We have to shoot in the first week of September. Yes, i am shit scared. 

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