Friday, 11 July 2014

Sethuvamma Learns to Shoot

It has been a long vacation. I had decided that I would not go back to the institute till I finished writing the script for the upcoming short film project. The short film project is one of the most important projects in the IV semester in which we have to make a short film of fiction shot entirely in studio. I couldn't write for a long time. I had to change the script thrice before settling on the current topic which is of a girl moving in to a home in North Kolkata after completing her studies. However home sweet home is always the best place to be for me and I am plainly put lazy to go back. So I cancelled the confirmed tickets (they are hard to come by in Indian Railways) twice and just continued with my vacation but alas everyone has to go back to exactly those things they are running away from. In my case it is film making.
I found these bamboo holders in a corner of our dining room. Sethuvamma had bought them to plant saplings in. I thought they looked a little plain and decided to give them a face lift. The colours used are from camel. I don't know what they are called, it's called permanent and water resistant on the label. I got them when I asked for indian ink at Kumar's Concern. I used low quality brushes because once you use them with this paint it's more or less unfit for any other purpose. Make sure that you leave them in water for a long time after using. The paint is a bit sticky. Not a problem for those who take bath. For others, well, life goes on. :) 

This is the one.

I thought I would shoot and paint but when I tried doing it I realised I was just being ambitious and that it was not really possible. Sethuvamma was around doing her daily ritual of listening to christian devotionals. I asked if she could help me and she readily agreed. Ammas mostly agree to kuttis' requests. If not, you just have to lie on the floor and beat your legs, bawling. Or throw a similar tantrum. Make it a habit, ruin the lives of ammas. Yes!
It was the first time she was operating the camera. I loved instructing her. Made me feel all important. She was a quick learner. I am sure by the next attempt she will do a track shot or something. :)
So Sethuvamma learns to shoot and I give the bamboo holder a make over.



And here is Sethuvamma's tryst with camera. 

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