Wednesday, 21 May 2014


After fighting a lot with the department we were successful in obtaining a long vacation among other things. Will be going home soon.
The most important event of this month for us as students was a workshop conducted on Lensing by N, a professor of the Department of Motion Picture Photography. I am being a little selfish and not sharing the key concepts and ideas that were imparted during the workshop. Suffice to say that I realized I was in an abusive relationship with lensing in filmmaking altogether.
N and I became good friends post the workshop. I made a bookmark and gifted him in return for the mindblowing classes. The lines are his, from one of his poems. I realized it's quite easy to make a bookmark and soon after i made this one, found some good ideas for it here. Intend to try some out. They make for good gifts for readers. 

anklet, water colour, OHP pen and paper.



  1. your book mark is so of my hobbies is making crochet book marks...... :-) it is indeed a thoughtful gift ........
    Enjoy your upcoming holidays! keep posting....

  2. yeah, i used to crochet too. but have forgotten how. happy blogging! :)