Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Power Cut in the Hostel.

Some maintenance work was going on in the substation resulting in power outage in the hostel from 10 am- 7 pm. April. Temperature around 40 degrees. Hardly anyone stayed in their rooms. At around 6 pm I reached my room on the second floor, the hottest in the hostel due to its height from the ground and the alignment by which it gets sun throughout the day. I stayed impatiently there as the sun set and the room was drained of the little light it had. Staying with nothing to do makes me go mad. So I shot this. Power came back in some minutes and we all went back to our boring lives with lots of crap to do.

The camera is stolen, Frida is a sort of stolen gift and the wind chime is rommate's. In short, i own nothing. I am however surprised at the amount of sound the camera picks up. I have a very poor opinion about sound in DSLRs, but i noticed in this that it has picked up even the ticking of my watch. Close-up factor did help, but still. Hmm. Sounds good.

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