Saturday, 22 March 2014

A Much Needed Break

I lied at the institute that I have caught chicken pox and took a week's break. Much needed, I would say.

The problems of a person like me in a place as that are endless. Lack of a single occupancy room, poor mental and physical health, pressure of upcoming projects etc have made a menace of my life there. Friend suggested that I go to Hyderabad and I made a quick decision a day prior to this rather important workshop by Gurvinder Singh on the upcoming project that is 'mise-en-scene'. I know, I shouldn't have pushed it so far. It has cost me dearly but it's okay, I guess, film making can be attempted or learnt only when one's mind is at peace. When there is at least a wee bit of method to one's madness. This I lacked.
The last time I tried to shoot which was a few days ago I couldn't hold the camera steady for even a minute. I finally came to terms to the fact that things had hit a new low.
Hence, Hyderabad. A room of one's own. Quality time with self. Away from the sickening population of the institute. Good, I see. 
During one of the workshops of the department of Audiography that I too had attended, the professor had suggested us 'An Equal Music' by Vikram Seth. I finished it on the way here. Was a good read. Found it a bit drab towards the end. I would call it a musical thriller. Will take you on a journey through Venice, Vienna and London, musically. I wouldn't call the language lucid, interesting, rather. Has a twist to it. Found it unnecessarily descriptive in places. 

An interesting read

My new read is Camus' The Outsider. I know, its rather late, but I feel the season suits the book the best. Or is it the other way round? 

My copy of Camus

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  1. well, Camus....yes, at hard times like these we all become absurdists and existentialists... :-)...i remember what i learned in those drab literature classes... loved the book in your pic....looks really old...